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Explore our client success stories and find out how our clients are consistently generating virtual meetings with our SLS Framework™

$75M in AUM in 12 Months

$200k of Annual Revenue

22-32+ Qualified Appts /Month

"I have been part of the top 20 Financial Planners in Canada using strategies of my own."

Hear what some of our clients have to say in a single video!

$55k in Commissions in 5 Months (ARR)

$500K Commercial P&C Premiums

20+ Appointments / Month

"I Have Been In The Business For 35 Years And This Is The Best Way I Have Ever Seen Lead Generation Done"

$173k in Commissions in 8 Months

$171k Annual Life Insurance Premiums Closed

20-30 Qualified Appts /Month

"I Wake Up and Have Prospects Waiting And Appointments Booked On My calendar."

$85k in Commissions (ARR) in 6 Months

$358k Group Health Insurance Premiums

31+ Appointments / Month

"Before Joining, Everything Was A Manual Outreach And Now I Finally Have A Strong Addition To My Business"

$2.5M AUM / $45K in Commissions in 4 Months

20+ Appointments / Month

401k/Pension Plan Leads

"After Joining The SLS Framework.. My Entire Business Structure Has Changed."

14+ Appointments / Month

$3M AUM Inbound Appointment

"I Did Almost Nothing And The Appointment Came In Automatically"

10+ Appointments Per Month

$750k AUM Within 2 Months Of Launch

"I Took A Few Years To Try To Figure Out LinkedIn With No Success...The SLS Framework Gives You A Pathway To Follow To Get Results!"

$500k in Commissions with HNW Medical Professionals in 6 Months

Estate Planning, Life Insurance, Wealth Management

32+ Appointments / Month

"The SLS Framework Has Allowed Me To Meet HNW Medical Specialists Virtually"

$50k+ In New Revenue Generated

$3M in AUM Added & $100k Life Insurance Policy Closed

5+ Appointments in 9 Days With Ultra High Net Worth Estate Planning Leads

"This System is Like The Tinder for Financial Planners... Appointments with Ideal Clients on Demand!"

$36k in Commissions Closed in 20 Days from Joining

30+ Ideal Client Appointments Generated

"I'm getting Ideal Clients appointments barely 3 weeks after joining the program."

$2M in AUM and $40k in Revenue in 2 Months

90+ Ideal Client Appointments

"I feel lazy because I can't keep up with the amount of ideal clients reaching out."

$3M in AUM / $40k in Commissions & $15k ARR In 2 Months


"Before using the SLS Framework I wasted a lot of money in other marketing companies."

$55k in Commissions in 45 Days

15+ Appointments / Week

4 Deals Closed

"This Has Been A Dream Of Mine For So Long, To Come Back From Vacation With A Calendar Full Of Appointments!"

2x $1M Policies

UHNWI Leads Generated

In 4 Weeks

"I already have to hire an assistant due to how many appointments and demand I've been getting from just the few weeks that I've launched."

4 Insurance Advisors Recruited

15+ Meetings / Month

"The Time Saving Component Of This SLS Framework Allows My Business To Recruit Top Tier Talent"

$36k of Revenue
30 Ideal Client Appointments in 6 Weeks

"I'm finally working with ideal clients, virtually and have a great time working on my business rather than in my business."

$5k of Annual Revenue Lead
10 Ideal Client Appointments Booked in 1 Month

"This system will allow me to add 4 ideal clients a month if not more than that."

$6k Life Insurance Commissions and Booked 30 Ideal Client Appointments with Construction Business Owners

"My pipeline got full as soon as I launched."

$10k Yearly Revenue Lead and Ideal Client Appointments With BioTech Execs

"This is a lot more focused and result oriented than SmartAssets."

50+ Appointments / Month

"If You're Willing To Put A Little Bit Of Work On The Front End, The Investment Will Pay For Itself In Spades"

$25k of New Annual Recurring Revenue

"I was able to get passed my limiting beliefs and only work with ideal clients."

$10k in Commissions and 12 Ideal Client Appointments Per Month

"I finally have a processes to fill my pipeline between my seminars."

$7.5k in IUL commissions in 2 months.12-16 ideal client appointments per month.

"This system helps me have a follow up process which I didn't have before."

$20k in Commissions via Management Money and Insurance Deals in 2 Months

"Finally I have something that is predictable and consistent that does prospecting for me day in and day out."

10+ Appointments / Week

5 Deals Closed

"This Investment In My Business Has Allowed Me To Have The Consistency Of Appointments On My Calendar"

$250k AUM Client and 15+ Ideal Client Appointments in 1 Month

"I'm able to consistently bring value to clients that are Ideal. This means a lot especially since I'm independent."

7 Virtual Appointments With Ideal Clients in 1 Month

"I finally know who are my ideal clients and to target them, all in an automated and virtual way."

14 Ideal Client Appointments (HNW Incorporated Medical Professionals)

"The biggest win is getting 14 ideal client appointments in little under a month from joining"

11-22 Ideal Client Appointments Per Month

"I'm finally able to be confident in my value statement and services."

10 - 20+ Appointments / Month

"I Cannot Keep Up With The Amount of Opportunities."

$200k In AUM as a Junior

30+ Appointments/Month

"This Is The Best ROI I Have Invested In My Life"

20+ Appointments / Month

"This System Is Structured, Methodical, Repeatable and It's Scalable"

11+ Appointments / Month

"This SLS Framework Is Now Keeping My Pipeline Consistent with New Qualified Appointments With My Ideal Clients"

15+ Appointments / Month

"The SLS Framework Essentially Streamlined My Processes With Very Powerful Means"

25+ Appointments / Month

"This Investment Has Allowed My Business To Have A Solid Foundation To Rely On For The Next 20 Years"

14+ Appointments / Month

"The Money Spent On The Course Plus My Time Put Into It, Is Already A Good Win"

14+ Appointments / Month

"If Anybody Can Put Their Head Down and Do The Work...You're Going To Get So Much Value"
"I Finally Have A Predictable Sales Process Now To My Business"
"I Use This System For Both Prospecting and Recruiting. The SLS Framework Gave Our Agency A Competitive Advantage Over Other Agencies"
How Mike Got 3 Inbounds Leads & Laser-Focus On Ideal Clients
"The Support That I've Received To Improve My Business Has Been Astronomical"
"I get qualified appointments every week with top execs in my industry."
Our Niche Selection Process Gave Him The Ability To Generate Qualified Meetings
Jim Sharing His Experience On Moving Towards A Virtual & National Business Structure
Tim Talks About His Experience So Far
"We Really Wanted To Target a Specific Group Of People And Have An Effective Way To Generate Meetings With Them"
Michael (FA) Talks About Using The SLS Framework In Australian Client
Rohan Talking About His Experience Finding The Right Approach & Niche
Phillip Shares About What Motivates Him to Grow His Business
"The Coaching Component Of Your Course Is Truly Valuable"
"I Have Spent Thousands of Dollars For Coaches and Coaching Programs and I Cannot Believe How Much Is Packed Into This Mastermind"
"I Highly Recommend Anybody Who Has To Generate Leads To Take The Course"
Bob Talks About the Importance of Nichework
Alex Sharing His Experience Around Niching
Christopher Shares Why He Joined The Program
Jane Shares Her Thoughts About Finally Finding A Perfect Niche For Her Practice
John Shares His Experience About Niching With Our SLS Framework
Jonathan Shares How The SLS Framework Affected His Practice Sales Process
Richard Shares Why He Joined The SLS Framework Mastermind
Steve Shares Why He Wants To Use The SLS Framework To Be A Virtual Advisor
Wendy Shares Why She Wanted To Join Our Program
Dilip Shares His Experience So Far With Some Of The Systems Of The SLS Framework
Chris Shares His Experience About His Experience With Our Coaching Component
Dominic Shares What Made Him Join Our Program
Glenn Shares What Experience In Our Program
Mike Shares Why It Was Important To Implement The SLS Framework To Prospect Outside His Local Area
Mike Shares Why It Was CRUCIAL To Implement Our SLS Framework In His Practice
Mitch Shares Why He Needed The SLS Framework In His Practice
Omar Shares Why He Joined The SLS Framework
Owen Shares Why Automation Is Important And Why He Joined The SLS Framework
Richelle Shares What Made Her Decide To Join Our Program
Robert Shares Some Of Experience In Our Program
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