Transferring Your Business Virtually

Please look at the cat.

This is Alfredo.

Unfortunately, our feline friend has also been hit by the COVID-19 lock-down.

Alfredo has a business to run. He usually meets his prospective clients in person, that's just the way he likes it.

Alas, Alfredo needs to adapt to the conditions of a chaotic world.

Alfredo is reactive. He thought of ways to take the facets of the business processes to grow his business on the virtual side.

And so he pulled out the arsenal and shared with me his great wisdom...

I interviewed our friend... Here is what I've learned from Alfredo.

Virtual Meetings

Alfredo uses a solid video conferencing platform to hold meetings.

A: I personally use Zoom. It is the lightest and most efficient platform.

  • Make sure you test your equipment and your connection speed before the call.
  • Make sure faces are visible.
  • Stick to meeting basics (setting the schedule, taking breaks, etc).
  • Use an icebreaker.
  • Share your screen so that you can show the beautiful PowerPoint you built.
  • Use video if possible.

That said, always provide an audio dial-in option. You never know with internet.

Interactive Documents/Contracts

Alfredo uses a document/contract creation, management and editing tool.

A: I personally use PandaDoc. It offers me a way to edit documents very efficiently and use the proper filler boxes (text, signature, etc.) when sending any documents/contracts that need to be filled.

Setting Appointments

Alfredo uses appointment setting apps.

A: I personally use Acuity It helps send out clean calendar invitations and makes sure that you book a convenient time especially if your prospective clients are in different time zones.

Sending Informative & Tailored Demo Videos

Alfredo frequently records his screen, creating informative videos that he sends his prospects and clients.

I personally use Loom. Loom lets you record high quality, long and short videos that helps you showcase specific things in a video and have it sent out through a convenient online link.

A: If you ever need to go over a spreadsheet in details, it is always better to go over it with visual and audio help rather than a boring email.

COVID-19 "fun" fact: Loom screen recorder cuts prices and removes limits for remote workers, teachers.

Make the most of it!

Be like Alfredo...

Ok maybe not, at least wear a suit.

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