The famous 80/20 Rule!

The famous 80/20 Rule!

You heard about it right?

The bulk of your revenue comes from your top tier clients, your ideal clients...

So the question is, why do advisors even take on non-ideal clients to begin with?

Simply put, It comes down to your sales process.

Relying soley on referrals and business coming to you is the biggest flaw of most advisors' client acquisition process.

Because I can guarantee you if you had a predictable way to acquire ideal clients, you would certainly turn down non-ideal clients.

How can you double your revenue in 2022 without doubling the number of clients you work is the question I really want all you to ponder about...

And if the answer is not clear,

Let us show you how our SLS Framework can allow your business to have a predictable process to acquire and grow with ONLY ideal clients.

Cheers to 2022!

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