The COVID-19 Power Activities Financial, Insurance & Lending Advisors Should Focus on

In any business, not just Financial services, it’s essential to have systems in place to get new prospects into the pipeline.

A “rinse & repeat” system that you can fully rely on.

Now, I'm fully aware that the wealth management/advising industry has completely changed with the sudden surge of COVID-19 and the lockdown.

And I can see how confusing this stuff can be when trying to pick the opportunity which yields the highest return on investment (with time or money).

The truth is, to make more money and grow your business, you need to have more conversations. Trust-based and value driven conversations to exchange not only information but more importantly, business.

With that being said — the only 3 things you should focus on are:

  1. Connecting & getting in touch and in front of your ideal client you’d love to work with.
  2. Converting that connection into an appointment.
  3. Conducting the appointment in a systematic way to streamline the sales process & increase your business.

That is it.

Fortunately, the online world provides us powerful tools to do just that.

Believe it or not, but your ideal clients are literally at your fingertips.

Forget SEO, Adwords, Seminars, Networking Events or yet even relying on 3rd party lead generation services …

You can directly connect & spark a conversation with your ideal client, right now.

Not only does this skyrocket trust … it’s personal, less salesy, and instant.

And that’s what the top 1% focus on.

They adapt to their environment, leverage new technologies and evolve.

They’re utilizing the "Evolved" way of client acquisition to get in front of prospective clients. They spark a conversation, provide value, then ask them to hop on a call if they want help.

Be unapologetic about reaching out to help people.

How To Systematize A Client Attraction Framework

It’s all about leveraging the right tools in the right ways.

Now, you’re probably wondering — if I’m not blogging, doing SEO, hosting seminars, etc. ….. then what can I do? Where do I start?

Well, there’s 2 main platforms which give you an endless stream of qualified, ready-to-go prospects who want and need your help, now.

These are Facebook & LinkedIn.

Here are some common mistakes I stumble upon:

  • Being a generalist (serve anybody, not clear on your niche)
  • Not being seen as an authority (due to not having a niche)
  • An unattractive message (again, cause you don’t have a niche)
  • Not having a system in place to convert them into an appointment
  • Not providing value up front.
  • Not directly saying what you do and jumping through logical hoops

I mean those are just a few. Does that sound a bit about what you’re facing? Be honest. Face the music and improve.

Here’s how to fix this:

  • Become a specialist; become an authority.
  • Craft your LinkedIn profile & content to speak to that specific niche market
  • Personally message prospects & spark a conversation
  • Create articles / blog posts & boost them with paid advertising on Facebook
  • Set up Machines — for your LinkedIn & Facebook (Online Sales Funnel) to take your potential prospects into customers.
  • Provide value exchanges; pieces of “guarded content” in return for their contact info

These are just a few ways.

But with the tips above and focusing on getting in front of your ideal clients via Boosted Facebook Posts, Facebook groups, LinkedIn direct message & articles tailored to your niche…

Then converting them into a consultation & taking them through the sales process, you will dominate. No doubt in my mind.

Hopefully you’ve found this article valuable.

Now, I want you to take action.

No reason you can’t land a few appointments today.

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