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How To Scale Your Practice As An Advisor By Adding 11-22 Qualified Virtual Appointments Per Month Using Our SLS Framework


  • How to consistently generate 11-22 virtual appointments per month without having to rely on referrals, seminars, cold calling, events, Facebook, Google or any other paid advertising
  • Things to avoid not to waste any marketing $$$
  • A step-by-step break down of how our SLS Framework works
  • Case studies. Stories. Real Results. No Nonsense.
  • Common Questions
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Case Studies

Client Success Stories

Explore our case studies and find out how our clients are consistently generating virtual meetings with our SLS Framework.
Ramzi Malas
Financial Planner

$75M in AUM in 12 Months

$200k of Annual Revenue

22-32+ Qualified Appts /Month

"I have been part of the top 20 Financial Planners in Canada using strategies of my own."
Senior Investment Advisor

$173k in Commissions in 8 Months

$171k Annual Life Insurance Premiums Closed

20-30 Qualified Appts /Month

"I Wake Up and Have Prospects Waiting And Appointments Booked On My calendar."
Financial Planner

$50k in Commissions In 1 Account - HNW Medical Surgeon

$250k AUM Closed + 750K AUM Pipeline + 47.5K Life Insurance Commissions

32+ Appointments / Month

"The SLS Framework Has Allowed Me To Meet HNW Medical Specialists Virtually"
Financial Planner

$2.5M AUM / $45K in Commissions in 4 Months

20+ Appointments / Month

401k/Pension Plan Leads

"After Joining The SLS Framework.. My Entire Business Structure Has Changed."
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With SEC, FINRA, FFIEC, FTC, IIROC, MFDA coverage, apply concepts with confidence and your organization’s approval.

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