Financial, Insurance, Lending Advisors: Generate Higher Income with Profitable Clients

Written by Ramzi Malas on April 12, 2021

The core aspects of business development, as a Financial, Insurance advisor & Lending Advisor, are marketing and sales. Along with building a brand, you need to inform your potential client of who you are. The potential client may reach out to you after they read about you in an advertisement, on social media, through content marketing, or a networking event. But at this stage, the potential client only “knows” you. 

Do More As A Financial, Insurance or Lending Advisor with a Specific Game Plan

Written by Bilal Malas on February 1st, 2021

To get the right results with your practice & your 2021 goals, you need to make your strategies goal-oriented. The financial planning industry is the most competitive than before which means financial, lending and insurance advisors need to up their prospecting game.

How to Compete for Ultra-High-Net-Worth and High-Net-Worth Individuals

Written by Ramzi Malas on March 2nd, 2021

UHNW or HNW individuals are the most desirable and lucrative clients that represent 1% of the world’s population. As a financial advisor you can earn up to $600,000 in annual fees from them by providing excellent services and retaining them.

How Mindfulness Can Help You Achieve Your Business Goals As A Financial, Insurance or Lending Advisor

Written by Bilal Malas on March 4th, 2021

Google employees registered for a 2-day SIY (Search-Inside-Yourself) program which taught them several mindfulness techniques and were coached by neuro-trainers to improve empathy, self-regulation, motivation, and learn leadership skills that helped them perform better at their job. 

Acquire New Clients with Social Platforms As A Financial, Insurance or Lending Advisor

Written by Ramzi Malas on February 1, 2021

Financial, insurance, and lending advisors are facing unique challenges and problems as the advisory teams are striving for retention and growth of their business in the digital age.

LinkedIn and other social platforms are the solutions to their prospecting and profit goals and here is how:

Best Strategies to Attract High Net Worth Clients

Written by Ramzi Malas on August 18, 2020

Best Strategies to Attract High Net Worth Clients

It is a dream of every financial and insurance advisor to make and retain High Net Worth Clients.

Tactics that can Make You a Top Financial Advisor

Written by Bilal Malas on August 02, 2020

Do you want to be the Top Financial Advisor and rank among the top 1% of financial advisors?


This is one of the most important articles you will ever read, that will shape you to become a top financial advisor.

The “New Way” of Generating Prospects for Financial, Insurance and Lending Advisors

Written by Ramzi Malas on July 30, 2020

The archaic tactics used for generating leads are no longer cost effective and time-efficient. If you are a financial, insurance, or a lending advisor looking for ways to generate consistent leads then this article is a must-read.

Imbue Creativity in Sales to Stand Out Among Financial Professionals

Written by Ramzi Malas on June 26, 2020

One-size-fits all in sales is dead.

I repeat, it is dead!

Each client is different and they all have unique needs. Even if the service cannot be tailored according to each. Sales efforts can be tailored.

Overworked? Outsource Your Tasks!

Written by Bilal Malas on May 2, 2020

We've all been there.


After a long day of work and seemingly putting in a lot of effort, you do not see much advancement in your business.

Reasons People In The Financial Industry Should Double Down On...

Written by Ramzi Malas on April 17, 2020

Financial advisors, insurance agents, loan officers and everything in between...


Prospecting with LinkedIn is easy when you know how to use the full range of tools available.

It's more important now more than ever to prospect online...

The COVID-19 Power Activities Financial, Insurance & Lending Advisors Should Focus on

Written by Ramzi Malas on April 9th, 2020

In any business, not just Financial services, it’s essential to have systems in place to get new prospects into the pipeline. 

A “rinse & repeat” system that you can fully rely on. Now, I'm fully aware that the wealth management/advising industry has completely changed with the sudden surge of COVID-19 and the lockdown.

Stop And Ask Yourself: Do I Have A Niche?

Written by Bilal Malas on April 9th, 2020

Stop and think for a second.

Am I specialized in my practice? Do people see me as an authority figure?

I was inspired to write this article when I noticed that some wealth managers and advisors I spoke to did not have a specific niche and market they went after.

Transferring Your Business Virtually

Written by Bilal Malas on March 24th, 2020

This is Alfredo.

Unfortunately, our feline friend has also been hit by the COVID-19 lock-down. Alfredo has a business to run. He usually meets his prospective clients in person, that's just the way he likes it. Alas, Alfredo needs to adapt to the conditions of a chaotic world.

Why People In The Wealth Management Space Should Lay Off These Traditional Prospecting Strategies

Written by Bilal Malas on March 10, 2020

I was inspired to write this article after discussing with a few prospecting clients in the wealth management industry. There are a couple things I noticed across the board when it came to their prospecting strategies: the use of traditional marketing or just the lack of use of any sort of marketing for those already comfortable with their inflow of inbound leads.

Why Businesses In The Wealth Management Industry Need To Incorporate Digital Strategies Into Their Business Development Plan

Written by Ramzi Malas on January 19, 2019

The more digitally connected the world is to every consumer, the less effective old traditional marketing advertisements are. The way customers interact and transact has also changed and that means businesses need to adapt the way they reach out to their market. This creates an opportunity for firms and institutions to capitalize on this and implement processes and strategies in place to leverage these changes to their own benefit.

How Financial Services Marketing Is Rebuilding Its Image

Written by Steve Olenski on Dec 20, 2018

The most successful businesses worldwide have made it mostly due to their customers, support and trust, plus a brilliant marketing campaign(s). Of course that is ridiculously simplifying it but you get the idea. Financial institutions, however, are very often faced with a lot of skepticism and a lack of confidence from their consumers about getting help with their money.

How Leading Financial Brands Are Using Digital Marketing To Win Consumers

Written by Jeffry Pilcher on October 1, 2018

As consumers increasingly manage their daily lives digitally, financial marketers must find new ways to reach them through online and mobile channels. Research from Mintel shows that the leading financial firms are increasingly investing in digital advertising that can support more personalized messaging. Yet many other institutions remain stuck in traditional spending habits.